Videos are a great way to enhance your marketing efforts. Due to their ability to quickly reach a large audience, videos ultimately drive traffic back to your website and brand your organization as a thought leader.

Trista Harris Interview with Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group

A Snippet of the Charette Film for Union Market developers, Edens


An effective promotional video starts in pre-production. Our team will work with you to create a solid plan to reach and engage your target audience. This plan will  not only increase the effectiveness of the final product, but will also make efficient use of the production time. We then create a treatment and storyboard/script. During production, we shoot your video with a carefully assembled film crew based on the guidelines of the project. Our production crews consist of a Director, a Director of Photography, a Sound Specialist/Engineer, and Production Assistants. Lastly, we edit the raw footage into a short video based on the script. This includes graphics, audio mixing, and transitions. Once the draft has been approved, we will finalize your project by color correcting and encoding it in the necessary format for delivery.


  • Determine business objective and target audience

  • Create treatment

  • Create script and/or storyboard

  • Scout and secure shoot location(s)

  • Shoot video with film crew

  • Edit video

  • Deliver draft video

  • Color correct and encode video

  • Deliver final cut



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Palace Systems: Quarterly Project Review Video

PHZ-Sicks: Behind The Moment

After reviewing the final product, we could not be more pleased! The video was exactly what we were looking for, and feel that it will definitely add to our burgeoning business. We look forward to working with MDXPFILMS again very soon!
— Portia Wills, Co-Founder of BLBCity

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BuildStrong Coalition: Glenn Gaines (clip)

BuildStrong Coalition: Jim Salek (clip)